So adorable
big boy; fine fleece


most adorable baby

Harley out of two Harley's

WBWWF Camanchaca

ARI# 35497806   D.O.B. 9/5/2018

Huacaya, Jr. Herdsire (Male), Medium Rose Grey

Sire: Vintage Cashmere's U-Taupe-Ia | ARI# 32132649  | Medium Rose Grey 
Dam: Limestone Creek's Cloudburst | ARI# 35230427   

Chaca (as we call him) is cute as a button, mild mannered and a beautifully expressed harlequin male.
His third year histo was a 19.5 micron with a 4.2 SD - meaning he is fine and has some stronger uniformity; especially for a harleuqin. He is a bit smaller in stature and along with his mild manner makes him a dream to handle and a dream to be around.
His Mom is one of our favorites; Limestone Creeks Cloudburst, a harlequin herself and Dad is Cashmere U-Topia who we believe to be homozygous. So two parents who have a higher propensity to throw the gene....
Cloudburst's dad is the celebrated Ringo Cloud, an Orlando Cloud son. Her genetics likely contribute to Chaca's finer and more uniform fiber.
We think Chaca could be homozygous and we intend to find out if no one picks up this guy.
We REALLY like him but we have SO MANY boys - we simply cant keep them all.
Chaca's ONLY strike is as a baby he got a hold of some crappy ADE supplements and developed a case of rickets so while he recovered beautifully in all ways, his hind right leg is slightly wonky. As a result he didnt show in that first year. Not a genetic fault by any stretch but one that would not have done him any favors in the ring.
Technically - Chaca might be one of the better harlequins we have produced and he is an absolute cutie.
Nothing whatsoever genetically wrong here. Technically a really well expressed male. And to boot - a winning personality.
We are offering Chaca alone for $3000 OR buy him along with two Appaloosa boys each of which are entirely unrelated and technically pretty outstanding themselves..
For the new breeder who may have a strong interest in entering the appy/harlequin world? If it were me? This would have been an unbelievable point of entry... See Ulysses and Triple Threat...

Financing can be arranged. Please ask!

Updated 10/4/2022